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Factory Clearance Store Frequently Asked Questions

Here are your answers to questions often asked. Please take note of these to help you make the right decisions when buying products. Products sold here are moving fast and may become unavailable very quickly. Do not ponder too long. Items in your basket (Shopping Cart) does not guarantee availability - someone else might also have it in their cart and checkout before you.

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The fact that retailers do not stock these products or brands does not mean that there is not someone who would love to own any of these products. “They sell like sweet cakes!” There is no sweeter deal anywhere than this..

All products sold through this platform vary in condition:

  • Some products are brand new and simply sold because it is end of line or discontinued by the supplier/manufacturer.
  • Other products came from shops where they sat on shelves for a very long period of time collecting dust and still new in the box.
  • Some products have damaged packaging, but are still complete with all their parts inside the packaging.
  • Some products are without packaging and still offer great value.
  • Where applicable, manufacturer warranties will be honoured.

 Tip: Visit our Pop-up Shop in Midrand to see for yourself and buy it on the spot.

Warehouse space comes at a cost and we always need more space for new products as we grow our extensive catalogue.

Suppliers rely on retailers to stock their products and brands by ordering stock and displaying them in their stores, ready to be purchased by customers. Sales trends are measured and when products or brands become obsolete or cost too much to warehouse and maintain, they are sold out and never stocked again.

Products sold on this platform are sold at “below-cost”, therefore The Factory Clearance Store requires to charge for shipping. You can enhance your bargain even better by visiting our Pop-up Store in Midrand. We have thousands of products in stock which you can look at and buy on the spot.

The Pop-up Shop can be visited in Midrand, Corporate Park South at the corner of Suni Avenue and Tsessebe Crescent. It is situated in the blue Vermont Sales building right at the entrance gate to the office park. The doors are open from 08:30 until 16:30 Monday to Friday. We are closed over weekends unless advertised differently through social media.

We do not accept returns as products sold through this platform are sold as is, voetstoots although manufacturer warranties are honoured where applicable. The short answer then is NO.

Yes, we do have a customer service department, although you are required to understand that you bought products sold through this platform as voetstoots - as is. It is your responsibility to understand the terms applicable to the particular product you purchased.

No refunds are allowed. Products are sold “as is” - voetstoots. We will only honour manufacturer warranties where applicable.

No, we sell everything on a “first come first-served bases”. Space is important to us and we need to move stock fast - everything is a bargain!

We accept Credit Card and Cash Payments at our Pop-up Shop in Midrand. This platform (the website) accepts Credit Card Payments.

All products that are made available for sale are still within their expiry date where applicable and carry no additional risk over and above that of the nature of the product. (By nature we mean any tool offers a potential risk when applied inappropriately or wrong).

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